Lemony Design is a small studio focusing on design for the creative, academic and small business sectors. As well as design for print, including book design, we develop cross-platform websites and digital experiences.

-- Why Lemony? Principally it derives from a mispronunciation of 'Melanie' by other children when I was little - and because a child's view of the world can locate the emotional centre of communication, sometimes very helpfully.


Lemony designs for communication that is effective, putting images and words to work as they need to, whether in a book, on a poster, or on a mobile phone. We work with you and immerse ourselves in your world. We zoom in to distil what's special, carrying it through to your audience. We seek to marry effective graphic design with compelling content, to grab attention, awaken imagination and make meaningful connections.


Lemony Design is a design studio helmed by Melanie Ashby. A senior designer and web developer, Melanie possesses the much-sought-after skill combination of the written, the visual and the technical. Her early career was in journalism, where she worked for a variety of print and online publications including Live & Kicking (BBC magazine), The Big Issue, The Times and Channel 4. Her thirst for creativity and talent in photography has led her to steer her career to graphic design, where she has fostered a cluster of clients within the UK's literary and publishing sector. In her pursuit of beautiful yet functional digital design Mel has become a code-cracking addict, always looking ahead to adapt to the ever-changing digital environment. As an experienced designer-developer, she collaborates with high-calibre specialists - including programmers and marketing professionals - to build to custom specifications and match requirements.